Calum Hardie Gaffney Mechanical Health & Safety
Calum Hardie H&S Manager at Gaffney Mechanical

We were delighted to participate in the recent Construction Industry Federation safety week during the last week in October. Covid 19 has definitely brought its fair share of challenges to everyone in every industry and had such an impact on peoples lives. Now, more than evere it is important to keep the safety of our employees and our colleagues to the fore and to keep their safety as the number one priority.

At Gaffney Mechanical we care about our people and we truly believe that they are our most valuable asset.
The health, safety and wellbeing of our staff and colleagues is always our Number One Priority and so we’re are delighted to support and be part of the CIFsafety20 initiative. We are committed to continuing to provide & implement the highest of standards in this area and are actively engaging with main contractors to assist in the promotion of safety week.
This week has provided us with an opportunty to take each of the 5 daily topics set out by the CIF and to deliver a series of very important messages to our employees. We intend to build on this initiative and continue to highlight these issues that are so relevant to all of us, especially now – in these challenging times.
We will maintain our open door policy to all employees and industry colleagues alike so that we can continue to assist them in any way possible.
Thank you to all of our staff, friends and colleagues in the construction industry for your participation in this CIFsafety20 week and please continue to stay healthy & safe.


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