Winner!! 2020 Generation Apprenticeship EMPLOYER OF THE YEAR

Gaffney Mechanical are proud to have come through a very competitive field as a winner in the Small and Medium business category. The theme for this years awards was Leadership and Niall Gaffney has been recognised for his leadership skills with this awards. Niall Gaffney set up his business ‘Niall Gaffney Heating & Plumbing’ as a sole trader in 1999 along with 1 single apprentice by his side.  21 years later ‘Gaffney Mechanical’ one of the industries best known and most respected providers of quality mechanical engineering and maintenance services in Dublin and the North East and are now a major employer in the area with 130 staff and growing.

Niall’s leadership style is inciteful and visionary and he has always been very aware of the critical impact that mentoring and educating apprentices and potential young employees has on his business. Ensuring that future skills gaps are constantly being pre-empted has meant that Gaffney Mechanical have been able to constantly take on and train young apprentices according to their needs whilst also addressing the future employment needs of the apprentice. This is a very efficient mechanism for recruitment and produces a win / win situation for both parties.

Key senior acquisitions within Gaffney Mechanical has also ensured that growth is always being matched by a level of key training skills and engineering expertise which allows them to expand their ability to provide a full range of skills, training & educational opportunities to their apprentices. Gaffney Mechanical currently have 34 apprentices at varying phases of apprenticeship and have successfully trained over 80 Apprentices to date.


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